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Previously start-up businesses would need to reserve a significant amount of capital to invest in appropriate IT Infrastructure to support their business needs – both current and future. With the advent of cloud computing these costs have been dramatically reduced. Due to the scalability and pay-as-you-go payment model cloud services offer start-ups the ability to pay for the cloud services consumed, scaling up and down with demand.

With The Cloud Simplified ’s Start Up Incubator we go one better by making cloud computing resources better than affordable, we make them free for 12 months to Start Up Businesses in Northern Ireland. So, if you are a new business start-up and you are based in Northern Ireland we will provide you with a host of cloud services, including website and DNS hosting, storage and Backups, for free for your first 12 months in business.

Sound too good to be true? As a business you will understand if we offered our services for free to everyone we would be sure to go out of business. Therefore there are only a select number of Incubator Packages made available annually. So, if you want to get a year of free cloud services you need to act fast and sign up today.

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A day at the IBM Innovation Centre with IBM BlueMix
– Discounted prices for hardware, such as laptops and PCs
– A profile on our website including links to Twitter/Facebook etc
– Public Relations, Press Releases, Sponsorship etc
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Traffic
Coverage in SyncNI Magazine & Online
Managed Cloud Web Hosting
– AnyCAST/PowerDNS Services
Public Cloud Services
– Backup Services

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New!Sync NI will be providing the Startup Incubator with a dedicated space on the Sync NI website. This will be the one-stop location for all the latest news from the programme. This space will provide each participating startup with the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business idea to our large audience. The Sync NI magazine will also include a regular column from the Startup Incubator. The startup that attracts the most views on the Sync NI website and social media platform will be provided with a complimentary 6 month membership pass to use the platform as a significant marketing resource.

Projects & Start Ups We’ve Supported So Far

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Sponsorship Overview - Create:2014 (September 2014)

Create:2014 was an amazing one-day creative conference designed, curated and produced by 6 young people from Northern Ireland featuring speakers from a range of sectors including Kate Russell, a presenter on the popular BBC Click series and Michael Sayman and a 17 year old entrepreneur from the US.The event included panels and hands-on activities and host over 150 local young people, learning alongside delegates from across the tech and creative industries. The event was created in partnership with the CultureTech Festival, Northern Ireland’s biggest tech/media event, and Generation Innovation, which is a peer-driven movement of Northern Ireland’s most ambitious young people, hosted by NISP CONNECT at the Northern Ireland Science Park and the North West Regional Science Park.
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