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High Performance BGP Network Infrastructure

The Cloud Simplified operates Autonomous System 61419, a high performance, low latency, multi-homed BGP network which delivers exceptional levels of performance, reliability and best-in-class resilience. By operating our own BGP network, The Cloud Simplified can deploy more technically complex network solutions to end users who may already operate their own IP space or BGP network whilst allowing the network to scale quickly and reliably.

In order to guarantee service reliability and network resiliency, The Cloud Simplified employ multiple independent carriers who also operate their own fully resilient multi-homed networks, connected to several of the largest internet exchange points in Europe, including the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and the London Access Point (LONAP). In the event that connectivity is lost to a primary provider, a secondary will take over instantaneously and with the latest in Cisco and IBM networking technologies at the heart of our infrastructure, traffic will always reach its destination via the optimal route.

During normal operations, our London cloud platform is connected to a highly resilient private IP network encompassing seven high value data centres in and around London with access to several hundred more through strategic partnerships. This network features multiple high density Cisco ASR 9000 carrier-grade routers at the core and low-latency Cisco Nexus and Metro switches at the edge.

Autonomous System AS61419

AS Number: AS61419
Descr: The Cloud Simplified Limited
RIPE Stat: The Cloud Simplified
RIPE Atlas Probe: 27097
RIPE Stat: AS61419
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Connectivity Provider Spotlight

London: CORETX (AS25577)

Carrier Overview: CORETX
The high performance CORETX MPLS network is constructed with privately owned dark fibre and spans over 60 datacenter locations across the United Kingdom. This highly resilient, hugely scalable, low latency network is protected from fibre breaks, circuit failures, datacenter failures and denial of service attacks. Built using industry leading performance switching and routing equipment the network was designed in response to market demand from carriers, datacenter operations, internet service providers and many other end user clients. Unlike traditional networks, the CORETX MPLS network provides the very lowest latency routes can be absolutely critical, for example financial trading platforms and financial transaction based markets must match or beat the competition by fractions of a second in order to secure the best margins.

London: EX Networks (AS35266)

EX Networks
Carrier Overview: EX Networks
EX Networks operates autonomous system (AS) 35266, a BGP network with multiple 10Gbps and 40Gbps connections from a carefully selected number of Tier-I and Tier-II transit providers. In addition, multiple sessions to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and London Access Point (LONAP) ensure that the lowest latency is available via the most optimal path. The network features multiple high density Cisco ASR 9000 carrier-grade routers in the core and low-latency Cisco Nexus and Metro switches throughout the edge. In addition, each data centre always has at least two discrete devices to ensure customers can have fully redundant connections.

London: Coreix (AS31708)

Provider Overview: Coreix Limited
Coreix Limited operates AS31708, a fully resilient meshed network with 100% native IPv6 coverage and take multiple circuits from various providers via multiple sites in order to guarantee service reliability and network resiliency. Coreix utilise high availability protocols extensively, from the metro services down to the edge to ensure that packets are delivered to their destination successfully. Coreix is present at London Internet Exchange on both the Foundry and Extreme network and additionally has a dual 1Gbps circuits at London Access Point. In addition, the Juniper and Cisco powered network utilises the most advanced self-healing attributes available which allows for a 100% infrastructure availability guarantee.

Belfast: British Telecom (AS2856)

British Telecom
Carrier Overview: British Telecom
The BT Datacenter in Belfast features two points of connection to the BT backbone ensuring the highest level of resilience. The BT core network is wholly dedicated to internet traffic to ensure that it delivers the speed and capacity needed for business-critical internet options. Customers benefit from a high performance, dependable and resilient network, with high availability and shortest distance routing. BT has hundreds of access points worldwide, with global points of presence in more than 350 cities across Europe and are currently in the process of investing £7bn in a new internet backbone which will be up to 60 times faster and capable of growing to 300 times the capacity of the current network.

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