Cloud Server Features

  Cloud Server Features & Benefits

Direct OnApp Control Panel Access
OnAPP provides customers with an intuitive self service control panel allowing anyone to build, configure and manage virtual machines with exceptional ease using a simple web browser. Within OnAPP Linux machines can be deployed in as little as 36 seconds, and Windows machines are just as easy, provisioning, configuring and booting in less than 5 minutes. So whether you need to reset your root password, add more CPU cores or RAM to your instance, duplicate a server or add multiple network interfaces, OnAPP lets you focus on what’s more important within your business.

We understand that our customers require the ultimate control over their virtual instances, load balancers, bare metal servers and virtual dedicated appliances, so we include direct OnAPP access as standard to all customers. Alternatively, management of the virtual machines can be reported through our portal as normal.

Private IP Block Allocation, IPv4 & IPv6 Support
Purchase a minimum /24 public IP address block (charges apply) and have them allocated to you in a private network and VLAN. Additional services including IP address SWIP is available upon request, for more information contact your account manager. Our Enfield Public Cloud Computing platform fully supports IPv4 and IPv6, as a RIPE NCC Member, The Cloud Simplified manages it’s own /19 IPv4 block and /32 IPv6 block.
UK/Irish Technical Support
We don’t outsource any aspect of our technical, sales or accounting process, when you raise a ticket or call our friendly support team you’ll speak to someone in the United Kingdom or Ireland and best of all, our staff are multi-skilled, so whether you have a sales, accounts or technical enquiry, the same person can address your issue without passing between departments.

Our dedicated infrastructure engineers form part of the larger engineer base in the Xperience Group and each have a 3rd level qualification or a professional certification (Citrix CCEE/CCA, Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNP, etc) and many are cross-certified.

Real Failover, Real Redundancy
Some low cost providers adopt local storage models using direct attached storage which prevents virtual machines being migrated between Hypervisors, this can be devastating in the event of a hardware failure at both storage or Hypervisor level as the virtual machine remains offline for an extended period until the issue has been addressed. The Cloud Simplified uses enterprise grade IBM V7000 storage connected via Fibre Channel with multiple physical routes (multipath).

Should a Hypervisor suffer a failure, Virtual Machines will automatically migrate to new Hypervisors restoring access in a matter of minutes. Our engineering team have the ability to migrate machines in advance of scheduled maintenance windows even further reducing the need for downtime.

Unlimited Network Interfaces, Full VLAN Support
At the heart of our cloud computing platform is the network, powered exclusively by Cisco and IBM working technologies. A total of 80Gb/s of public internet, storage and private network connectivity is presented to each rack and a further 32Gb/s of fibre channel storage (SAN) connectivity for virtual machine disks, both of which arrive from switches and routers in an N+1 redundancy configuration.

Cloud Compute customers have access to 10Gb/s of connectivity per virtual machine which can be distributed between multiple network interfaces as required with full VLAN support as standard. Our cloud computing arcitecture includes three basic network configurations which can be deployed and utilised out of the box where VLAN support isn’t wanted or required.

Each Compute solution includes support for full VLAN support, allowing customers to add unlimited 10Gb/s N+1 networks on demand. VLAN’s are included without charge on certain packages (£25 Otherwise).

Free Comprehensive Platform Firewalls
Free unlimited platform firewalls. Protect your servers with our free platform firewall which runs outside of the virtual machine instance at Hypervisor level for the ultimate security, create, modify and remove firewall rules, control the default rule set (ACCEPT/DROP) and enable/disable ICMP responses.
Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access
We understand that security is absolutely crucial to the successful operation of any business, and in addition to providing free unlimited firewalls with each and every virtual machine, we also provide a free IPSec/L2TP Virtual Private Network (VPN) account for each of our customers. By setting the default firewall rules on a particular virtual machine to ‘Drop’, and enabling access only to the VPN server via our Private LAN infrastructure, ulta secure environments are only moments away.
Access To Hundreds Of Templates (400+)
Our extensive library includes over 400 templates, so whether you want to provision a CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD or Redhat Enterprise server in less than 30 seconds or a Windows Server machine in less than 2 minutes, we have you covered. Virtual Machine backups can also be converted to private/personal templates for future use, allowing a private template library to be created and managed.
Host Unlimited DNS Zones, Free
DNS is vital, slow DNS servers can have a dramatic impact on website availability and lead generation, with The Cloud Simplified customers can create and manage unlimited DNS zones on our high availability DNS platform through the customer portal or an optional DNS GUI to make management a breeze. We manage all aspects of our DNS platform allowing us to maintain exceptional levels of performance and availability, we don’t resell or outsource our DNS service.
Free Backup MX Services
Our Backup MX service allows you to add a backup MX record to your domains DNS zone, in the event that your primary or secondary mail server fails to respond we’ll automatically capture that inbound email and queue it until the primary mail server responds, preventing loss of email and unnecessary bounce backs to the message sender to ensure the safe delivery of your messages.
Free White Labeled AnyCast DNS
Fully White Labeled AnyCast DNS services are available completely free of charge to both new and existing customers, complete with full API access, SOA control & custom TTLs. DNS records can now be managed in real time through the customer control panel and those records are now distributed across 19 global datacenters – rather than the two offered by our PowerDNS platform
Free Daily, Weekly & Monthly OnApp Backups
Backups are important, and they can also be expensive. Cloud Compute customers can take automatic or manual daily, weekly and monthly backups of each and every virtual machine. Each Cloud Compute solution comes with a pre-set amount of backup storage space that can be managed by the account holder. Additional storage space can be purchased on demand for additional backup storage.

Instant Server Deployment

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‘True’ Cloud Services
Real failover & hot migration functionality, guaranteed.

No Contracts/Agreements
Services are charged monthly with no contracts or agreements.

Expert 24/7/365 Support
When you need us, we’re here 24/7/365 as standard.

UK/Irish Support
Friendly non-outsourced UK/Irish technical support agents.