High Availability Cloud Servers

  High Availability Public Cloud Servers

Cloud Server solutions are a core product offered by The Cloud Simplified, a highly resilient, redundant and powerful Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution powered by industry leading software from OnApp and Xen to provide a dedicated pool of hardware resources which are managed through a single pane of glass.

Buy the resources you need, and provision Cloud servers on demand within your allocated RAM, Hard Disk and CPU limits, whether that’s one server, ten servers or hundreds. Built upon IBM PureFlex technologies and located in a new state of the art datacenter in London, the platform has been designed from the ground up by leaders in the web hosting and cloud computing industry to provide a 100% availability, N+1 platform truly capable of supporting mission critical applications.

Cloud Server solutions are available from as little as £12.50/Month and feature 512MB of RAM, 1 CPU Core and 25GB of SSD Accelerated Storage powered by IBM V7000 FC storage appliances. With true cloud functionality, servers can scale on demand and support up to 32 CPU Cores, 240GB of RAM and 40TB of storage per virtual instance, all controlled through an intuitive single pane of glass and achieve 100% uptime as standard due to the unique N+1 architecture that our customers love.

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  Build & Manage Infrastructure Through A Single Pane Of Glass

OnAPP provides customers with an intuitive self-service control panel allowing anyone to build, configure and manage virtual machines with exceptional ease using a simple web browser. Within OnAPP Linux and Unix machines can be deployed in as little as 30 seconds and Windows machines are just as easy, provisioning, configuring and booting in less than 5 minutes. So whether you need to reset your root password, add more CPU cores or RAM to your instance, duplicate a server or add multiple network interfaces, OnAPP lets you focus on what’s more important within your business.

The OnAPP cloud is a true cloud platform with self-healing and automatic failover. Its architecture is designed to optimise cloud scalability and resilience, while enabling intuitive control over cloud resources and straightforward integration with third party apps via a control panel and a sophisticated open RESTful API.

The OnApp RESTful API presents every control panel function to developers, enabling third party applications to access OnApp virtual machines, hypervisors, networking, disks, users, backups and more allowing for advanced system and application integration. We understand that our customers require the ultimate control over their virtual instances, load balancers, bare metal servers and virtual dedicated appliances, so we include direct OnAPP access as standard to all customers.



Building your dream cloud infrastructure with The Cloud Simplified is quick and simple

Choose your resources

Whether you’re building one server or hundreds of servers, choose the RAM, CPU, Storage & Features that you need with our configurator.

Build your infrastructure

With instant setup, you’re ready to build your first high performance server, use our wizard to get started and choose from 400+ templates.

30 Second deployments

With SSD Acceleration and SSD Cache, virtual machines are built in 30 seconds or less on average, get ready to connect to your server!

Scale your infrastructure

Scale your resource pool up or down as needed to meet seasonal demand or to meet that project deadline and only pay for what you need.