Cloud Enabled Thin Clients

  High Performance, Cloud Enabled Thin Clients

A Thin Client is a cost-effective solution often found in medical offices, airline ticketing, schools, governments, manufacturing plants and call centres, designed to help businesses support remote work environments, improve security and significantly reduce IT operational costs. Approximately the size of a pack of playing cards and devoid of CD-ROM players, diskette drives and expansion slots, these devices allows users to connect to Windows Remote Desktop (RDS) or Citrix based environments.

With no moving parts, Thin Clients have a much longer lifespan than standard computers and use significantly less power, allowing businesses to benefit from lower maintenance and deployment costs. Based on the latest technologies, the Xperience Group Thin Client range integrates into any virtualized or web-based infrastructure allowing users to stay productive and access data, files and applications from various locations through one centralized server.

Perfect for businesses looking to simplify their IT infrastructure and reduce costs, a Thin Client solution can help to lower IT expenditure and introduce significant efficiencies, by allowing devices to be managed remotely with a simple to device management dashboard, where IT administrators can monitor the performance and health of each device and apply the latest software without having to visit the individual workstations.

Hardware Specifications

Quad Core ARM Cortex A7 Processor
16GB SanDisk Extreme Micro SD Card
HDMI Display Output (Full HD)
Four USB 2.0 (480Mbps) Ports
Micro USB Mains Power Supply
10/100 BaseT Ethernet Port
1GB LPDDR2 Onboard RAM

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Industry Leading Features & Benefits

Next Business Day Replacement – Any type of hardware failure can have serious impact on the operations and reputation of any business, that’s why we include a next business day hardware replacement service as standard across the entire range of Xperience Thin Client products to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Cloud Based Device Management – With Xperience Connect, our unique device management dashboard, event logs, licensing events, device uptime, temperature, voltages, processor clock speeds and even RAM, CPU and Hard Disk utilisation metrics can be viewed and reported on for each device deployed within the organisation in near real time.

Industry Leading Security – By leveraging the capabilities of the Xperience Group cloud computing platforms, critical operating system and application security updates can be pulled by each individual device, from the Xperience Group cloud platforms in as little as 5 minutes, helping to protect your business from the latest threats in industry leading timeframes.

Remote Support Capabilities – Whether you deploy thin clients at one site, or many sites, Xperience Connect allows system administrators to view diagnostic files, capture screenshots, apply updates, execute custom shell scripts and even reboot and shutdown devices remotely through an intuitive web based dashboard.

Full Support for Windows & Citrix Environments – With full support for Microsoft Remote Desktop and Citrix (Xen App & Xen Desktop) environments, the Xperience Thin Client range integrates seamlessly into your existing IT environment and because it’s built upon Debian 8.0 Linux (Jessie), it removes the need for client device licensing, saving time and money.

Unique Self Repairing Capabilities – With sophisticated operating system integrity and device health monitoring capabilities, the Xperience Group Thin Clients can automatically detect damage, corruption, permission errors or missing critical operating system files and repair them by downloading fresh copies from the Xperience Group cloud computing platform without the need for user interaction. Furthermore, should a device detect a possible failure, a real time predictive failure alert is raised with our network operations team to arrange a replacement.

Cloud Storage – With a built in 16GB SanDisk Extreme Micro SD Card, pictures, documents, music and videos can be stored locally, but if you need more or want to collaborate with friends or colleagues, additional cloud storage can be added to each device, allowing those files to be accessed through a range of devices, including the Thin Client, iPhone/Android devices and desktop PCs.

Personalisation – Each of the Thin Clients within your estate can be optionally branded, from the exterior case (2D or 3D decals with your company logo) to the desktop wallpaper and boot screen, managed through an online Profile Manager – one of the many tools available to system administrators via our Cloud Based Device Management dashboard.

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