Android & iOS Applications

  Android & iOS Applications

OnAPP provides customers with an intuitive self-service control panel allowing anyone to build, configure and manage virtual machines with exceptional ease using a simple web browser. Within OnAPP Linux machines can be deployed in as little as 36 seconds, and Windows machines are just as easy, provisioning, configuring and booting in less than 5 minutes. So whether you need to reset your root password, add more CPU cores or RAM to your instance, duplicate a server or add multiple network interfaces, OnAPP lets you focus on what’s more important within your business.

We understand that our customers require the ultimate control over their virtual instances, load balancers, bare metal servers and virtual dedicated appliances, so we include direct OnAPP access as standard to all customers, alternatively, customers can choose to manage their virtual machines (and all other products) through our customer portal for a single pane of glass.

When on the move, the OnApp iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPod (iOS 4.3 or later) or OnApp for Android which supports Android 2.3 and higher makes an ideal travelling companion allowing cloud administrators the ability to create new virtual instances, managing existing instances and to simplify problem solving when a traditional computer isn’t available.

Both applications allow users to create and build new virtual machines, edit, reboot and power on/off virtual machines, schedule backups, monitor CPU and bandwidth usage, manage load balancers, cloud resource utilisation, transaction logs and more.


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